Utopia Balcanica

Episodul trei: Mîţa persuasivă

Fapt divers: rasa Mîţei este albastru de Rusia.

The Russian Blue is known for being a very intelligent and active animal. They have been known to open doors/windows, play fetch, and are sensitive to basic human emotions. They enjoy playing with a variety of toys and develop extremely loyal bonds to their loved ones. The Russian Blue is also known for getting along very well with other pets and children in a household. They are known also for being quiet and clean animals that are normally reserved around strangers, unless they are brought up in a very active household.

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Vasile e căpetenia internaţională a bărboşilor (şi a acestui sait). Are multe preocupări, cel puţin în comparaţie cu oamenii care n-au.


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